The AquaSpense SL unit dispenses both water and special liquid for your investing needs. This innovative unit takes the guess work out of measuring the powder and the water/liquid ratios by weighing the bowl with the powder on a calibrated scale and calculating the proper liquid for the volume. By dispensing the exact amount of water/liquid for the investment, inconsistencies and resulting remakes are virtually eliminated.

Predictable and accurate results save time and money, the AquaSpense & AquaSpense SL are sure to become indispensable in your lab.

  • Produces accurate casting sizes with less finishing time
  • Eliminates remakes due to human error and variability in the measuring process
  • Calculates the powder weight and accurately dispenses water and/or special liquid, resulting in a consistent mix every time.
  • Programmable memory for up to 15 investments
  • For the Model Department: Dispense liquids such as Gypsum Hardener or other enhancing liquids in place of the Special Liquids for Investments

Technical Specifications


3 years parts & Labor (US & Canada Only)


11.75"W x 23.25"H x 13.125"D

Power Supply

110-220 VAC, 50/60Hz


9.3 Kg (20.5lbs)

AquaSpense SL ( Liquid Dispenser & Water ) Whip Mix # 09550