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The AquaSpense ensures proper water powder ratio’s by automatically calculating the powder weight and then accurately dispensing the correct amount of water. Automating the dispensing of water to powder takes the human error out of the process creating more predictable working times, expansion, set times and hardness. The result is less re-work and increased profits.

Programmable for up to 15 various gypsums, the user will have the flexibility needed to standardize their lab processes for optimal product performance and results.

The AquaSpense SL unit dispenses both water and special liquid for your investing needs. This innovative unit takes the guess work out of measuring the powder and the water/liquid ratios by weighing the bowl with the powder on a calibrated scale and calculating the proper liquid for the volume. By dispensing the exact amount of water/liquid for the investment, inconsistencies and resulting remakes are virtually eliminated.

Predictable and accurate results save time and money, the AquaSpense & AquaSpense SL are sure to become indispensable in your lab.

  • Produces accurate casting sizes with less finishing time
  • Eliminates remakes due to human error and variability in the measuring process
  • Calculates the powder weight and accurately dispenses water and/or special liquid, resulting in a consistent mix every time.
  • Programmable memory for up to 15 investments
  • For the Model Department: Dispense liquids such as Gypsum Hardener or other enhancing liquids in place of the Special Liquids for Investments

Technical Specifications


3 years parts & Labor (US & Canada Only)


11.75"W x 23.25"H x 13.125"D

Power Supply

110-220 VAC, 50/60Hz


9.3 Kg (20.5lbs)

AquaSpense Unit ( Liquid Dispenser & Water ) Whip Mix # 09560

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