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Estelite Omega 
Polychromatic supra-nanofilled composite 

ESTELITE OMEGA® is a polychromatic supra-nano filled composite designed for the latest in layering techniques. Conceptualized and crafted to be specifically used with the next stage in esthetic restorations, Estelite Omega® is 100% spherically filled with afiller weight of 82% (78% by volume).


  • Specifically designed for polychromatic restorations (layering)
  • Simple system with only 11 shades
  • Optimal esthetics, by customizing hue, value, and chroma
  • Superb handling for recreation of anatomy
  • Outstanding polishability
  • Exceptional gloss retention
  • Clear Excellent technical properties

Estelite Omega Syringe Deluxe Kit (11 syringes) 4g by Tokuyama # 10701

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