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Hanau 96H2 Semi-Adjustable Articulator # 003302-000

96H2 Semi-Adjustable, Non-Arcon Articulator

  • Condylar guidances are associated with the lower member, which simulates the multiple functions of the Glenoid Fossa in centric, protrusive, right and left lateral positions
  • Enclosed track design prevents vertical displacement of the condyle element when waxing or making excursive movements with the instrument

96H2 Articulator Adjustments:

  • Progressive Side Shift: 0-30°
  • Protrusive Angle: 0-75°

Comes complete with adjustable incisal guide, standard incisal pin, extension pin, orbitale indicator, 10 disposable mounting plates, instruction manual and carrying case


Hanau 96H2 Semi-Adjustable Articulator # 003302-000

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