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Hanau Modular Semi-Adjustable Articulator with Adjustable Bennett, Adjustable Condylar Inclination & Orbitale Indicator # 014116-000

Each Modular Semi-Adjustable Articulator features:

  • Interchangeable fossae provide maximum flexibility and precision, enabling proper occlusion for each patient
  • Programmed fossae with curved 19mm (3/4") radius simulate average anotomical movements
  • Positive centric latch
  • Interchangeablity of accessories and casts
  • Wide lingual visibility
  • Removable upper member facilitate wax-ups
  • Sturdy contruction and ease of use

The Modular Articulator with Adjustable Bennett and Adjustable Condylar Inclination features:

  • Flat table
  • Dual-end incisal pin
  • 0°-90° adjustable condylar inclination
  • CR/MIP adjustment
  • 19mm (3/4") superior radius

Comes complete with: 10 disposable mounting plates, instruction manual and carrying case


Hanau Modular with Adj Bennett & Adj Condylar Inclination #014116-000

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