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CAD Provisional, Gradient, 13 Layers of Incisal gradient.Beautiful anterior esthetics.Double cross link (DCL) strength.


The Emotional Provisional:

Rejuvenating a Patient’s smile is a great privilege and absolute joy.  It’s the reason why we exist.
Thanks to Temp Esthetic, we help the Patient with their provisional smile, while you create their everlasting one.
13 layers of beautiful transition as light passes through, will no doubt garner an emotional impression. We believe, to smile is to live.


Created for Expression:

A long-term hybrid prosthetic, Temp Esthetic aims to bring patient confidence around the pinnacles of human expression which include smiling, speaking and laughing.


13 Layers for Esthetics:

Composed in 13 layers of natural gradients, Temp Esthetic offers a natural and harmonious journey through cervical to incisal for beautiful and natural looking teeth.


Double-Cross Linked Strength:

As strong as a ‘premium denture tooth,’ Temp Esthetic is a double cross link (DCL) polymer. Making it the ideal solution for esthetic, screw retained restorations on implants.


HARVEST ZCAD Temp Esthetic, 1/pk - ALL TYPES

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