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Following the medical model of diagnosing, temporary treatment, checking effectiveness, and retesting, Whip Mix brings to you a complete system for diagnosing bruxism and airway for patients that may result in sleep apnea referrals or dual arch oral appliances.


The complete system includes:

  • Easy to use, comfortable home monitoring system that measures 14 different channels including Masseter, Airflow, Effort, Pulse Rate, and Audio
  • Registered polysomnographic technologist (RPSGT) on staff that offers training, reads, reports, and a network of sleep apnea physician referrals in every state
  • Dual arch transitional oral appliance designed to protect the teeth, stabilize the mandible, reduce bruxism, and maintain the airway

WHIP MIX Alminax Bite Registration Wax, 9/pk #03905

SKU: 03905
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