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A special investment for non-precious and semi-precious alloys. Hi-Temp contains no carbon. Non-precious metal alloys require an investment specially compounded to:

  • Compensate for alloy shrinkage
  • Withstand high-fusing temperatures
  • Provide a non-contaminating atmosphere
  • Allow casting of a lighter-density metal


Hi-Temp is the investment with these characteristics and more. It gives a smooth surface to the casting, flows readily and evenly for fine detail and sharp margins, and has high strength to prevent damage to the mold. The technique is simple. Special Liquid Concentrate is used instead of water. Control of expansion is obtained by dilution of the Special Liquid Concentrate with water — the greater the dilution, the less the expansion of the investment. Four parts liquid to one part water is the proportion suggested to get some frictional retention for full crowns on well-tapered preparation. Otherwise, the technique is essentially the same as handling any casting investment. The chart shows the various expansions of Hi-Temp at different concentrations of Special Liquid Concentrate.


*Suggested concentration of Special Liquid Concentrate  is 75% (3 parts liquid to 1 part water).


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