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Novocast is an advanced inlay investment that provides increased accuracy for casting conventional gold alloys at a mold temperature of 650ºC (1,200ºF) without the use of a water bath.



  • Expansion can be controlled by merely varying the water/powder ratio. While many modern investments have been developed to minimize the effect of changing the water/powder ratio, Novocast takes advantage of this convenient property — without requiring an unusually thick mix.
  • Technique the Same for all Types of Castings
  • Novocast has the singular property of furnishing the needed expansion to accurately fit both the intra-coronal and extra-coronal surfaces of different preparations.
  • Clean and Smooth Gold Castings
  • Novocast sets rapidly to produce a strong, ultra smooth mold with easy ‘dig-out,’ and produces clean and shiny gold castings

WHIP MIX Novocast, 144/50g Packages #01082 #

SKU: 01082
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